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It's not long until Earth Hour 2014

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From sport star to Earth Hour star!

Scottish track cyclist Callum Skinner has put his best foot forward to support Earth Hour this year, announcing his support on the same day that Glasgow 2014, organisers of this summer’s Commonwealth Games, said that several Games venues will go dark for Earth Hour.

MSPs shine for Earth Hour

44 MSPs showed their support for a brighter future recently by signing up to Earth Hour and committing to take further action beyond the hour to tackle climate change.

What's Scotland's Renewable Heat Future?

Heating our buildings and providing hot water accounts for nearly 50 per cent of Scotland’s total CO2 emissions. Our new report shows greater effort is needed on renewable heat to meet our climate targets.

Donald Trump loses anti-wind farm case

WWF welcomes news that Donald Trump has lost his legal bid to halt an Aberdeenshire offshore wind farm facility.

Scotland receives climate change warning

Alarm bells should be ringing in Scottish Government over its climate change plans following new data showing UK-wide carbon emissions are on the rise.

Scottish Government cuts flights, carbon, and costs

The Scottish Government has saved over half a million pounds and slashed its carbon pollution by cutting more than 20 per cent of its business flights.

Deep sea secrets uncovered

Four secretive sea creatures previously unknown to science have been found in waters off the north-west coast of Scotland.

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