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What we do

We are a small team dedicated to finding solutions to a broad range of pressing environmental problems, all of which affect Scotland.

Polar Bear on Ice

Climate Change and Scotland

WWF is working to ensure that Scotland takes action to address climate change and energy issues. The Earth's climate is constantly changing. But something very serious has started to become evident in the last couple of decades. We have realised that the earth's temperature is rising dangerously fast, and this rise is due to the activities of humans.

Fishing Boat

Marine issues in Scotland

Scotland's seas and coasts are home to an amazing range of marine species and habitats, from the sheltered sea lochs to the open waters, from seagrass beds to rocky reefs and underwater seamounts. Not only do such diverse habitats support thriving populations of sea mammals like otters, dolphins, whales and seals, but they are also home to vast numbers of seabirds, fish and other spectacular marine wildlife like seahorses, sponges and deepwater corals.

One Planet Future

Working towards a One Planet Future

If everyone in the world were to consume the earth's resources at the rate we do in Scotland, we would need three planets to support us. Of course, we only have one planet - and we're using its resources at a faster rate than it can replenish them. But there is a way in which we can live within the Earth's natural capacity and still enjoy a high quality of life.

Scottish Parliament

Working with the Scottish Government

WWF Scotland is part of the global WWF network. Climate change, threats to natural resources and rising energy use are just some of the issues that are of growing concern, impacting on people and wildlife right around the world. WWF Scotland works on these issues from a Scottish perspective by influencing the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament.

working with schools

Working with Schools

WWF Scotland believes that learning has a vital role to play in achieving One Planet Future – a sustainable future where humans live in harmony with nature and within the limits of our planet. WWF Scotland is at the forefront of campaigning to change policy and provide support to ensure that our education system equips learners to live sustainably on our planet. In Scotland we work closely with other environmental and development organisations to achieve this