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UK Energy Bill: What it means for Scotland

29 November 2012

Responding to the publication of the UK Energy Bill today, WWF Scotland is calling on the Scottish Government to take steps to secure our renewables potential and ensure climate targets are not put at risk.

Dr Sam Gardner, Senior Climate Change Policy Officer at WWF Scotland said:

“Despite more than a year in development the UK Energy Bill poses almost as many questions as it answers about the UK Government’s commitment to renewable energy. By setting an emissions level that gives the green light to new gas power stations our climate change targets are threatened and the renewables sector undermined, this is made worse by failing to provide a vision for renewables beyond 2020.

"The Scottish Government must ensure that its welcome commitment to clean electricity by 2030 isn't threatened by this weaker UK framework, by introducing a Scottish specific emissions limit for fossil fuel power plants that is in line with meeting our climate targets.”