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Nuclear Power: Hunterston ‘B’ given extention

4 December 2012

Reacting to the news that the life of the Hunterston B nuclear power station is to be extended by seven years until 2023, with the potential of further extension,

Dr Dan Barlow, Head of Policy at WWF Scotland said:
“Nuclear power is the ultimate unsustainable form of energy so it is disappointing that EDF Energy has been granted approval by the UK Government to extend the life of Hunterston. Given our growth in renewables and huge potential to use energy more efficiently Scotland does not need to have this 40-year old nuclear station creating yet more radioactive waste to keep the lights on.”
News of the extension to the life of Hunterston comes less than 24 hours after EDF admitted [2] that construction of its newest nuclear plant in France is to be further delayed and that its build costs had jumped from €3.3bn to €8.5bn.

Dr Barlow added:
“Given the constant delays and spiralling costs of building new nuclear power stations it is hardly surprising EDF is desperate to squeeze every last drop out of its existing Hunterston B facility. Governments everywhere should be taking steps to end our reliance on both nuclear and fossil-fuels. Reducing energy demand and boosting clean renewables is the only sensible long term energy policy to pursue. The rest of the UK should be following Scotland’s aim of generating 100 per cent of its electricity from renewables.”