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Why we're working on sustainable finance

We see finance as a key lever to influence business strategy and corporate supply chains. In doing so, we help financial institutions, businesses and corporations to reduce their impact on the natural world, and to provide financial mechanisms which protect and encourage sustainable ecosystems.

Right now there’s a huge amount of investment going into fossil fuels and other unsustainable industries – which poses an enormous threat to the future of the natural world.

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How we work on sustainable finance

We’ve been working with the finance sector for several years. Through innovative collaborations, our aim is to integrate long-term financial risks and opportunities into mainstream finance and lending.

Environmental considerations and risks, such as carbon, water and biodiversity, are increasingly important to investment and financing decisions.

Our work helps and challenges pension funds, asset managers, insurance companies, and other financial institutions integrate environmental and social issues into their business strategies.

We're also urging investors to direct their funds away from carbon intensive industries, like fossil fuels, and into climate solutions, such as renewable energy.

We work with partners to develop alternative investment mechanisms and models such as landscape finance. These are used to sustainably manage resources and protect ecosystems, as well as inform policy and mobilise public-private finance flows.

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